Target: Member States – IMO
Region: Global

In relation to the deteriorating wellbeing of seafarers which are stuck on board ships and seafarers currently at home due to the impossibility to make arrangements for crew replacements leading to seriously endangered safety and security of international shipping, and  also in view of securing uninterruptedness of the global supply chains,

we, the undersigned, 

Insist that member states of International Maritime Organization and International Labour Organization to:

1. Designate as “key workers” the seafarers and other personnel engaged in the maritime business, which should be done by adoption of new and clear national definitions and rules and procedures duly notified to all national authorities – maritime, immigration, health, and port authorities. 

2. Ensure free access and movement of seafarers to and from the ships, as well as for persons employed in shipping-related activities.

3. Permit sufficient number of airplane flights related to embarkation and repatriation of seafaring personnel and movement of maritime transport specialists. 

4. International Maritime Organization and the International Labour Organization member-states should develop and implement a unified simplified plan for realization of the above measures as soon as possible. 

5. Not subject the seafarers to mandatory quarantine upon debarkation from ships where it is possible to promptly make COVID-19 tests and the test results are negative.

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Ilka Pöschmann June 14, 2020
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Martina Meinders Michael June 14, 2020
Ina Schmid June 14, 2020
Barbara Magerl-Huber June 14, 2020
Johannes Schildknecht June 14, 2020
Stefanie Staub June 14, 2020
Judith Kober June 14, 2020
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